SpaceX Continues to do Cool Stuff

From YouTube

On March 30, aerospace company SpaceX achieved a major milestone for the future of commercial spaceflight. For the first time, they were able to successfully relaunch and subsequently land the first stage of a previously used orbital Falcon 9 booster rocket. The impact this will have on spaceflight is huge. The ability to reuse rockets will cause launches to be incredibly more affordable, and because SpaceX is doing it, it will become the standard if other companies want to remain competitive. This will usher in a revolution of space accessibility and could be key for our future as a space-faring species. SpaceX founder Elon Musk hopes to one day have rockets that can be reused hundreds of times with a turnaround of as little as 24 hours. With technological advancements like these, SpaceX’s goal of taking humans to Mars doesn’t seem that distant at all.

Sources: Science Alert


2 thoughts on “SpaceX Continues to do Cool Stuff

  1. The idea of recreational space travel does not seem to far fetched with the advancement of rocket technology like that which SpaceX is using. Did you come across any estimates of when the average human will be able to travel to space for pleasure? or any price estimates of how expensive a trip to space would cost?


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