Simplifying Assumptions

Photo by me

This is me, simplified.  While I did not need to simplify this image in order to better understand it, sometimes this must be done in the realm of science.  The universe’s sheer vastness and complexity requires astronomers to make some simplifying assumptions in order to ever hope of attempting to create any working model of our universe.  One of the most fundamental of these assumptions is called The Cosmological Principle.  This principle assumes that the universe is both homogeneous (is uniform) and isotropic (looks the same in any direction) on large scales, and is central to the creation of cosmological models.  Simplification is vital to our understanding of nature, hence the tagline of this blog: “Wildly Simplified Astronomy with Kevin C.”  The content found herein is not simplified due to my lack of knowledge in astronomical topics, but rather because of the utter intricacy of the universe.  Or maybe that’s just my excuse.

“Milk production at a dairy farm is low, so the farmer hires three consultants – a biologist, an engineer, and a physicist.
The biologist tells the farmer that he should feed the cows certain hormones to make them lactate more.  The farmer asked how much this will cost and the biologist says many thousands of dollars.
The engineer proposes to make a better milking machine to get more milk per cow.  The farmer asks how much it will cost and the engineer says many thousands of dollars.
The farmer then asks the physicist how much his idea will cost.  The physicist responds,”It’ll cost nothing and can be implemented immediately!” The farmer was astonished and asks how this was possible.  The physicist responds,”Now assume a spherical cow in a vacuum…” “

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